Monday, May 18, 2009

Not for trekkies

Aweeeesommeeez movie. =)
even though we sat at the second row from the front despite going there early to get the 1025pm tickets at 9pm.

Caught it with Jack and Rainiee on Saturday night at Plaza Sing.. For a moment i almost killed Jack.

I met up with him at 9pm Plaza Sing. Initial plan was to go Cathay to catch the 1010 movie because i feel Cathay is better in town, esp the Grand Cathay. ANYWAY, we walked over and when we were about to buy the tickets, he said he forgot to bring this NTUC card that allows us to have $8 tickets. But he remembered that he also have his SAFRA card, so he said $8 tickets at GV plaza sing.

So i was greedy on the $8 deal, i told him that we head down to Plaza Sing and watch instead. As he bought the tickets, i called Rainiee. While asking Rainiee where she was, the GV counter told Jack that his SAFRA card has expired in MARCH 2009 -_____-|| Bo bian lor, no good deal, also lazy to walk back liao. So i signaled him to go ahead and buy.

Went down to Xin Wang Cafe to have a munch and wait for Rainiee. So tick-tock tick-tock... time to get out ass into the cinema. Told Jack to take out the tickets and check which cinema room we were in, to my BIGGEST SHOCK, HE ONLY HELD 2 TICKETS. My jaw dropped lar! There was a very long queue at the counter and it was already 1030. He went ahead to the closed counter and seek for help. Turn out he did not check the number of tickets and the change he was given (he gave a $50 note) and he still blame the counter person because he insisted he said THREE TICKETS.

So from the 5th row from the back, we changed to the second row from the front! -.-"

But the movie was good! Good actor with a "not-so-complicated" storyline. Definitely not for Trekkies cause i don't remember any storyline that i have watched on Star Trek when i was young. haha! I do have to admit that the eyebrows that made was so cute lar. haha! And that hair of Spock..... hilarious. Hope it won't start a trend. =x


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