Sunday, April 26, 2009

"TOTO, Quick-pick, $2"

Met up with Isaac after work and we walked pass the Singapore Pool outlet.

"Eh.. i already 20 years old le, but i have not stepped into a Singapore Pool outlet before to buy lehs."

"Come, i bring you in!"

Wah! There goes my first time lor. Blindly went in, thought of 4 numbers, learnt to shade the 4D paper while he explained like a pro (nah, just kidding!) on what big, small, ibet etc mean. And he even told me what the "void" box was for. LOL. Good teacher.

While i resisted to go up to the auntie to make myself pai-seh. He kept pushing me in! Struggling..... i read out the string of words he taught me like i was reciting my script "TOTO, Quick-pick, $2". Things went well and he even said "check if its correct."
Wahhhh.. i was so stuck on how am doing till i can't process anything else.

Ok, we didn't win the 4D tonight. But the TOTO draw is tomorrow!


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