Thursday, April 9, 2009

i forgot all about it

As of the date now, it is 24th April already. And apparently, i posted in this photos before i went to Yunnan for my holiday, but i totally forgot to blog it out. So it ended up in the draft status.

This are some of the things i brought back from OIAP.

A set of notebooks with SHEEP covers.

As some of you may know, I have a really cute SHEEP casing for my macbook which i love it loads cause it is so colourful, cute and it has ONLY one black sheep among the colorful ones. So when i saw the 3 sizes of notebook with the SHEEPs, i instantly jumped and bought it!

I LOVE POCKY! I bought 1 whole set and this picture still doesn't include another 6 flavours that i got. There are like moouse and almond crunch flavours, etc. The strawberry yogurt is the nicest.

Isaac gave me an idea to store all the pocky in a cookie jar, so i quickly headed down to IKEA and bought one!
My mum and bro will now and then come in and "steal" a few sticks. HAHA!

My shipment arrived the other day and i actually shipped back a jigsaw puzzle frame which was wrapped in a bedsheet cover. But it totally screwed cause the frame was intact but the glass shattered. SIAN! Have to reframe the puzzle and i had a hard time clearing the shattered pieces.

As of today, i feel like i am in a "floating" condition. Just wanna lie in bed and rest. I am back at work in sushi tei thus making me so busy cause i need to work and rest.


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