Thursday, April 30, 2009

supposed to

Took a day off from work and wanted to go back NP to collect the graduate uniform. But turned out, i rolled around in bed for the whole day. Only stepped out just to have dinner. LOL.

Guess this is the period of time when i feel like hibernating at home because work affairs are too hectic. HOHO, nah, i think i am just getting older and bored of my job. =x

Spent my day being part of the detective team in Bones Season 3 and playing Restaurant City in FB. LOL. I think Restaurant City is quite cool. But the system sucks. I always have difficulties login in and now the people walking in and out of my restaurant are transaparent. You can only see the circle shadow moving around, like ghost! I think they need more game-fix. Mafia Wars still rocks. =)

Anyway, im SUPPOSED TO do alot of things, but i haven't got the heart to do it. I guess you just can't leave me alone at home. I will end up messing around in bed with my macbook. tsk tsk.


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