Sunday, December 21, 2008

staying home

This weekend is pretty much of a stay home weekend.

Friday, my family (as in my apartment) had a drama-ma-ma night. We all met up Irwin and adeline from NTU to have farewell dinner cause they were heading back to Singapore and we ate Shao Kao for dinner. We had numerous lamb sticks and a few oysters and scallops for the night. Sheryl must have picked a bad one and she got food poisoning.

She told me she wasn't feeling well when we were on the way home and puked outside the house. Helped her into the house and she puked another time. While i was making a cup of warm water for her, she puked again and i had to call the guys out of their room to help me. While Ken and Des rushed out of their room in a hurry, one of them slam the door behind him and the room was locked from inside. -.-

The next moment, Sheryl was sitting in the toilet puking into more plastic bags while the 2 guys went out of the house to try to climb in from the balcony in their room. LOL. Finally they did it and they continue to help Sheryl. She just kept puking every single thing that was in her stomach until there were only acids left and she was still puking. gosh. It was terrible.

Thank goodness she was better after sleeping through the night.

On saturday, Mrs Sue Tan is in Shanghai with her husband on a holiday trip. Met up with the whole group of OIAP students and went to Frankie's place for dinner. HAHA! Singapore food that has Kway Chap. *yums*

And guess what happened on Sunday? my turn for food poisoning. Puked whatever i ate for the day even the porridge. Gave up eating the medicine and food but just stayed in the bed for 24hours. The headache was pain in the ass and i felt so screwed.

And i miss home. Ahhhhh.. hate to be sick.


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