Monday, November 17, 2008

bled & cried

Like in my title, i bled and cried.

We always say, don't get sick and lend your ass in the hospital, but i lend mine today.

Not cause i'm sick cause i got cut at work by a metal piece. bled pretty badly even after i washed it under the water cold water. i handling some box, and out of no where, a metal piece got stuck onto one of the boxes, i didn't notice it, so my hand (the palm area) slit over it. beginning it was like 2 lines, then blood start oozing out~~~ and yeap! i started crying and running to the hospital. Kinda freak the office out. I told them i got cut by the wood from the box, then they went to the working table and saw a metal piece attached to the box.

So my office manager (Yu Shi Fu) drove me to the hospital and i had my colleague to accompany me. oh man, i kept tearing cause it was real pain. End up, he cleaned the wound and it felt better. I had to take a injection, so they injeculated a minor dosage to the surface of my skin first to test if i am allegic. I had to eat food to make the circulation better. So my colleague fed me. Awwww... so sweet lar.

after 20 mins the nurse came in to see.

Nurse A: wah.. got red red. abit of allegic reaction. I let my collegue see first...
*goes out while i follow behind*
Nurse A: ehhh.. got abit of red lehs. you help me see. Don't know can anot.
Nurse B: can one lar. where got people cannot take this injection de.
*Nurse B looks at my arm*
Nurse B: Wahhhh.. cannot cannot. Normally 5cm cannot inject liao.
*Nurse B takes out a ruler*
Nurse B: But yours is 8cm! Go home go home. Nothing we can do liao. -.-"

So i took the medicines and went back to the office to pack my bag.
Yu Shi Fu so nice. He told desmond to watch me tonight just in case i have fever. And if ever i have. Bring me to the hospital and call him. Afterall, you must know how to speak shanghainese then you can really get your message across.

I have speak a long time trying to type this. Cause i forgot to tell you this..... IT IS MY RIGHT HAND THAT IS WRAPPED UP! What the hell... cannot write anything le lehs. -.-"

Anyway, i am fine lar. not so pain liao. Stop crying liao. =)


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