Friday, November 21, 2008

exhuasted to the max

Apart from the wound on my palm, i immediately caught a cold the next day.. So currently, i'm down with block nose and sore throat.

Yes, take care and stay well. Trying to lehs. But the weather now is cold!

Currently sitting here, feeling the lack of sleep..... *panda eyes*

Tues i went for a haircut near weijie's place. Then they helped change my bandage. LOL. That 2 guys even accompanied me for dinner and some shopping while i bought my long john.

Wed was a day of running around the office, finalizing my thur's awards dinner event. And then i got drag into Friday's forum event. Manage to go to the site for a runthrough. It is at Shanghai World Financial Center (S.W.F.C 上海环球金融中心) Bet some of you all don't know bahs! Its a building built designed by a Japanese and it is now tourist attraction. Pay to get in to see the skyline of Shanghai. Read more by googling it bahs!

Our event was held on the 94th level, 423M above ground. So we took bullet lifts that made our ears block like mad.

So I stayed in the office on wednesday till 2am with my colleagues to finish up both the event's stuff...

Thurs Awards dinner at JW Marriott Hotel, my role was to be in the AV section. Controlling the ppt and telling the people when to play what music and what to show on the 2 big screens. Hmmm.. very nice experience! Ended only at 1130 and got home at 12mn. Zzzzz.. Sleep till 6am on Friday then off i go to SWFC. Up and Down the lifts, doing little task here and there..... And here i am, at home now. Hungry tired and blocked (cause my nose lar!)

Des and Yc are outta Shanghai and freezing their asses in Beijing. Hmmmm.. Wonder if the scenery is nice?

P/S: The photos for the events were not taken from my camera. so....... Wait till i get them bahs!


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