Friday, October 10, 2008

settling down

As all of you know, i am OFFICIALLY in Shanghai now.

How am i?
Settling down and getting busy at work because i just reported to the office today.
Love my office, i should say.
A messy office with very nice stationarys, friendly colleagues from singapore and china who speaks both english and chinese, own desk, young and capable boss and a good network system for me to source vendors for events.

Anyway, as some of you know, i fell ill yesterday afternoon. Had a stomach upset and eventually puking. Guess the lunch was too horrible cause i only ate less than 10 mouth and i puke the whole stomach out. Got some of my love ones worried. =/ Sorrrrrry. Thanks Edwin for the E-greetings.. For a moment when i was lying dead in bed, i felt like running home. =X

Fret not, i will hang on! Try and slowly adapt to the food.

Thanks to those we send me off and gave me presents. Felt like xmas. Let me see, ADVANCE xmas?? Yah, all the presents from rainiee, dawn, isaac etc all made me sooooo touched. Miss home liao lehs.

Okay, currently in the office. Everyone is busy except me cause the project i am on has nothing assigned to me yet. Pestered my colleague for work to do but she is also too busy to tell me anything. So here i am blogging. hoho. Next thurs the company including myself will be out to do an event near the WAI TAN. Thats cool cause its the river that separates the EAST and WEST of Shanghai. *excited*

If you see me on msn, don't be surprised because we contact each other in the office through outlook emails and msn. =D
I have my own phone and own desk. We get to use our hp. And lunch is OTOT. yiiippppeee.

I tell you everything is great here except the food. Job, friends, apartment and weather is okay. Guess its time for me to find some shopping heaven.


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