Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bye 2008 Singapore

Tonight i am flying off. And this is the last day i am spending my 2008 here.

A sense of excitement. A sense of grieve. Quite a complicated feeling.
Excited to embrace all challenges and experience before me.
Sadness cause i will miss my family, friends and volleyball.

The last few weeks, many people did many things that made me soooo happy. Whatever i wanted to eat, they brought me to eat. Mum brought me to have black carrot cake in the morning for breakfast. My all time favorite. MUST BE BLACK, ok?
Then friends spend numerous farewells for me. And from afar now, i hear them saying "MADEY YOU ARE FINALLY LEAVING. NO MORE FAREWELLS." hahahahaha.. We did a nice graffiti on Yingxuan's wall though. =)

Last night, we had a last min gathering at JE to play Pool then over to yingxuan house to play circle of death.. Before that i had dinner with bestie and Mr lee. Very nice meal over at holland village's coffee club. =)

Anyway, Circle of death people were yingxuan, benedick, bala, jianming, isaac and zhiwei. Funniest rule was, everyone can speak in any language except Bala - cause he had to speak in TAMIL. DARN! Freaking hilarious when we played the category game - name the sports that has balls involved. So he said hockey, captain's ball and etc in tamil. LOL!! The 7 of us will sure be laughing at it again when we look back on this night.

The vball girls left for malaysia this morning to play with the malaysia university. And they'll be away for a few days. Good luck and love you girls! I seriously enjoyed that few trainings we had together. Enough to keep me going for the next few months. I was asleep when sweeeetie pieee yingxuan left her place. There goes our last look of each other till we skype again and when i'm back. Don't curse me okay? =/

Tonight i wonder how many of my friends would be there. Hopefully not too overwhelming cause its only 5months lar. Less than a year. VERY FAST COME BACK ONE! right?!!! =D

okok, i still have some stuff that i want to do before i keep my laptop. So let's see when i can blog again ok? Stay tune.



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