Sunday, September 7, 2008

tight ass

I'm busy recently. Going out like crazy and slogging in my bed filled with tidbits and entertainment from my laptop. Most importantly, coping with my blogshop (IMPIRE).

Geees! My photos are still in my camera =/ Got strong feelings my vball mates are ready to kill me cause all the photos are with me. LOL.

Anyway, i did something real special today!!

omgomgomg. So fun please. i very long haben cycle le..

Jetson and i alighted from the bus and walked aimlessly into the HDB flats finding the ECP. When we got there, we immediately ranted the bike. Ride from one end to another and found ourselves sitting at the Jetty talking.

At about 8pm, the wind blew very strongly and we decided to return the bikes and head for Sushi Tei. SERIOUSLY i thought Big Splash was near lar!! =/ So we walked halfway and it RAIN SO DARN HEAVY. Got drench. -.-
To think that i even thought it was still a little short distance infront and continued to walk/run forward. but in the end U-turn into the Golf course to hide from the rain. When the rain got smaller, we walked back to the underground shelter and walk over to Parkway Parade.

So silly. no sushi tei but got MCDONALD'S!

happen to be texting my sister, and jiefu came to pick us up and send us home lar! So niceeee.. super touch lehs!! All the way from Parkway to Jurong then back to Parkway again. =X

Okay, now my legs are aching and training is tml.

OH YAH! ANSON MEI. i got your letter/card. LOL. i was quite surprise to see something handwritten in my letter box! Thanks so much. JIAYOU for Os okay. I seriously feel quite OLD while reading the letter. But nehmind! my love for you stays like how i first met you. =)


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