Saturday, September 27, 2008

good shots

Sneakie preview of some good shots that i love.

Truly genuine, don't you think so?
It was a real happy day with the clique at Bugis Steamboat.

The rising sun taken with the buildings in a silhouette outline.

I and my friend camp at West Coast Park the whole night waiting for the sunrise. We were disappointed that we didn't get the yellow yoke sun, but instead - we gain something even greater!
We saw the great sky filled with puffed white clouds. Then we enjoyed the morning breeze by the sea. OMGosh, it totally awakens you and refreshes your dead brain!

ADVICE: If you are an O+, bring another O+ friend to share the bumps. If you are a NON-O+, then bring an O+ friend to shield your bumps!

Seriously, i was there feeding the mosquitoes. I had like 10 over bumps while he had NONE! -.-" Now that i'm done with my shower and my breakfast, i am going to catch my sleep!



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