Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rock Candy

Something short for you to digest tonight.
Feeling exhausted without sleep of more than 24 hours.

Deadlines after deadlines, powerpoint slides after powerpoint slides and today it was marked with a test. Finally i get a break before my next submission deadline. Left Ben alone in court on tues, most of us didn't turn up for training and i bet it really sucked. Sorry.

Mum bought this for me. I took 3 candies to eat and left it in the living room. Next day, it went missing. -.-
It's impossible my dad finished it within a night.
It must be the bogey man =(
Buy me this candy again.......

My day was actually quite okay until the night came. And all i feel now is tired.

I promise this blog will not be filled with sad memories.
I'm heading to bed now.
Shall wake up hopefully with a smile again.

Nights everyone.


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