Friday, June 6, 2008

thank you

I just finished everything on ONE OF THE MANY projects. Its left with the printing which is up to my group mates now.

I'm drained, eyes puffed and i swear i really did whine like a girl. nono, it was more than that.
I'm actually overwhelmed with emotions and words now but i'm really tired. I've totally let myself out and its been a hard day.

From studying to having my one and only CT paper (which is now half screwed like the other mkting studies) and then doing project, to meeting yx, gin and bala for dinner and then meeting Mr.J. WOW! Too much for me to handle..

Mr J, i know you will be read this here: I hope i will draw that line perfectly.

who accidently got infected by my orh-chey. I'm sorry man! Haha! Didnt know it was so contagious.. But my orh-chey is way better than you guy's. So stop comparing who's more gross, cause i win! haha.. anyway, its really better le.


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