Thursday, June 5, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew

If you guys haven't watch this show yet or don't know who won, then you should seriously scroll down this entry and click on the link provided!

I know the show has ended quite some time and i'm prolly the slower ones to have caught this news. But, good things are worth sharing and rewatching. Since i have got tons of time to get my head off certain stuffs.

JabbaWockeez can pop, lock, break and do the typical boy-band moves with their mask on. I happen to be roaming around MTV.COM and i chanced upon this show. First impression, they rocked! The mask, the song, the moves - totally speechless. And when they did the "superman" flying, it had my eyes glued!

Now curious on how well they dance? Watch it yourself and judge it!



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