Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the swing!

So i've been working the past few days. but i skipped work today because of my terrible cramp. could barely make it to the toilet in the morning to bathe. =(

Yesterday after work, yx chyi and gin were very nice because they came to eat at sushi tei and waited for me to knock off from work. Me being very hungry, ate sushi tei again! LOL.

Had cold rock after that and i saw this that i liked!


We then VENTURED INTO THE EAST! all the way to Tampines just for mahjong with vincent and jianming. Felt so foreign there and the wind there is different. less of mysia smell. hahaha.. played till almost 2am before heading home. when we were on the PIE heading into the jurong part, we felt so HOMELY lar! West and East is like from one to city to another city. =x

That night, we all had a nickname. Gosh... we sounded more like we were summoning a spirit when we called out each other's nickname.


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