Sunday, June 15, 2008

Go for the Champs!

i woke up and joined the clique for lunch at Yuhua village. yingxuan suggested to go shopping at 500+ market.. and i was feeling so puzzled when she said that. when we got there, then we realise it meant - SHOPPING FOR TIDBITS. lol. Ginmin today very impressed that our mouth never stop since lunch. LUNCH - TIDBITS - DINNER - SUPPER at my place. XD

Then off to yingxuan's house to SLACK. seriously, just sleep and play games. i feel so pai seh that its the second time her sis walk in and find me sleeping. =x

then headed down to hougang to watch St.Hildas boys. Luckily they won with a beautiful 3 sets!
tml its the finals and i won't be able to make it down. so, you all better jiayou okay! Giant and ah bui GO GO GO! at least try to win or play 5 sets with kolem ayer lar!

We went to hougang mall for KFC after the match. The chicken was great but ambience quite turn-off. Cause we had a table of xiao pai kias sitting beside us. -.- they displayed the typical sec school kbkp type of BOYS.


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