Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quick Bite

Let me see, i'm here to post a QUICK ONE!

Its the holidays and i'm suppose to be more free, but i am certainly not in the day.

My routine pretty much revolves around volleyball and my laptop now cause theres always lots of planning before a new collection comes out. Meet ups with some potential customers and replying emails.

As well as doing some OIAP stuff.... Dang~

Oh yeah! talking about training, my whole body aches now. I practically am lying in bed doing my paper works. Laughing is a problem now, and walking is becoming a little problem too! LOL. Aches and Aches means TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! i love training actually, cause i think i exceeded my initial limits le. Today i saw myself doing something that made me "WOW" LOL. more more more!!

Oh yeah~ Stay tune for photos in a few days time!


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