Monday, June 9, 2008

the addict

I've finally collected IMP-IRE's new collection of mens clothes. And I can say, i am abit sad and abit happy. Happy the fact that the quality and design is good and same as the website bought. Sad is that the size is smaller than expected.. Probably Korea's measurement is different. =x

Anyway, work on Saturday was SUPER SLACK. the rain in the morning got me totally drench and chilling in the restaurant. I didn't do my "part" of work, instead i learn cashier! LOL. knock off at 4pm and met yx, gin and ben. We went over to queensway to buy fbt shorts while yx bought a new pair of vball shoes.. then we headed down to LOT 1 to get socks! LOL. i bought FOUR totally different coloured pair of socks! likeeee... red, purple, green and dark pink? hahaha..

Back to yx's place and they watched the HK drama while I SLEPT. haha.. eventually, we all stayed over and rape the mum's handmade ba zhangs! nono, not US, is BEN. he is the king of ba zhang man. And of course, our dear yx got addicted with her PSP's new game - DJ max.

Next morning, first thing yx did was to play DJ MAX again! -.- see - evidence!

We called Mcdonald's breakfast and Ben ate another Ba zhang after his Big breakfast. kns. he can really eat them~

They came over to my place and i washed up before heading out to hougang studium.
And yaps, SHS won. They always like to have close fights score to make us excited sia. haha..


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