Friday, June 13, 2008

ICE cube

Today isn't my day of a good mood. Too much things happening around me leaving me in heavy thoughts. Its actually BLACK FRIDAY the 13 now right? But i think i just pass my BLACK DAY. or maybe, yingxuan just passed hers.

Had a 2 hour lesson in the morning which i think i profited in knowledge and its the FIRST TIME in the SO MANY lessons i had before, for that module.

Headed down to Yingxuan's place to slack/play psp/sleep. We drove over to market to get her shoelace and almost met with an accident with a VERY BIG AND LONG LORRY container type of vehicle. Actually, i wasn't screaming or what cause i THOUGHT she had the rights to turn right, until the uncle horn. wow. close call

Then Ginmin joined us back at yingxuan's place. We decided to set off to watch another St.Hildas match at Hougang. Thats when a second accident almost came again. wow. closeR call. I think this one really shock all of us. But thank goodness, we're fine.

Changed car with her bro when he took her PSP away. So we all sat in a Honda CAR. swee....

St.Hildas lost today, but i think they fought well. Jiayou for the last 2 matches! We wanna see you guys at finals!!

Decided to head to Gardens for dessert at ICEcube.

Yuting's brownie

Ben's icecream

Yingxuan's waffle

Mine - Dinosaurs eggs.

Ben had a Fish and Chips main course too. But the fish definitely isn't my type of liking.

Headed back to the car and decided to head home. After driving a distance we realised that there was a ticket stuck at the wiper. OKAY, yingxuan's mood wasnt very good already. Soooo.. faster got down the car and grab the ticket at the traffic light. yea~ we kanna ticket lar. After which, the car like....... no mood liao. everyone like tio EMO disease. Haish.

Anyway, friday the 13, yongsiang turning botak. TAKE CARE INSIDE dude.


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