Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hooked by fishes

I went to the doc yesterday and got myself a 2 days MC. I'm so sick that i don't even want to play volleyball tonight. I lay in bed practically the whole day and whole night, using my com and saving fishes. At the same time, racking my brains on how to win a ipod touch. XD

I didnt reply any smses till 10pm which got my group members worried that i was actually out of town on a vacation. lol. Jianming said i was darn stupid to not accept the offer of 3 days MC. haha! i also think so now. Cause i want to continue to sleep! Darn. I really love sleeping my bed. To think that i will have to prepare my project discussion materials on Wednesday, makes me "sick".

Anyway, introducing my newest addict.

Gotta really thank J for lending me his psp, if not i'll be bored to death at home!


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