Friday, May 9, 2008

what a nght

I'm dozing off in class with my textbook open and the word document cursor is beeping none stop with nothing written. Sigh.

Tues, KAP-ed till 1130pm and home at 12mn. Thurs, KAP till 12mn and home at 1am. LOL. cause kind yx sent us all home. from depot room to bukit batok to chua chu kang and then back to jurong. WOW! luckily her car works on diesel. =)

And all thanks to ginmin, we had the weirdest talk for the night which made us laughing non-stop till 12mn. He started with the premium race and i said "cream of the crop" and he heard something else~~~ leading to a hilarious topic that couldnt be stop, even when we were in the car , on the way home. -.- thanks ar~

My busy school days are back.. proposals and presentation, one after another. Who's going to save me?


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