Sunday, May 11, 2008

up and down

Im lacking of post...... not really much of a writers block, just that i'm not in tip-top condition this few days.

Let me see, i had volleyball on tues, thurs, fri. I'm getting the chance to train more and be able to play in the indoor court. The old bird is starting to flip her wings, but don't expect to fly high. At least for now, in my last year in ngee ann, i can play more volleyball. haha!

Wednesday, i met up with Jamester cause i told him to bring me to Serangoon Garden's sustei tei! And finally im there to eat. Food standard isn't that good. In fact, disappointing. Old colleague was working there too, so i got to have free sashimi salad. =D
After which, Jamester sent me home to have my good rest.

i went out today with the clique. but we didnt really do much and the whole day, i felt aches over my body. im not sure is the volleyball or the fever. But yes, im running a fever again, now. It have been going on for a week when the fever just appear out of nowhere and subside after that. -.-

okay, im bedding now. ciao~


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