Wednesday, May 28, 2008

near botak

Met up with Ryan last night and had a dinner with him. Finally met up after so many years cause he's going to army next friday. Known him close to 7 years and it still feels good chatting with him. Still gives me that "da ge ge" feeling. LOL. forever protecting the ladies. =D

Dinner his treat at Breeks Cafe and we headed to Swenson for dessert.. Yum Yum!

Left town only at 11pm and got home at the stroke of midnight.

Its the E-learning week for the school of BA but for the marketing students, it makes no diff cause we have deadlines for IS and this friday and then next friday for different projects that are never ending.. *sigh* No wonder we only have ONE paper. o.O Nah~ no more whinings cause projects are way more fun than looking through the textbooks =D

I see Ads, i analysis Ads i design Ads!!

After training today, Yingxuan sent Yuting home and she invited us in to her new house at Pavilion Park (is it park? iyah, the one at bukit batok) And what i can say its like - walking into the SIMS home!! LOL! Ye know, those dream house that you ever wish of having it!
The house wasnt fully done. There were still undone works here and there but the way she describe things made me drool and desperate to be her lesbian partner. =P

Seriously, its so pretty. Wait till her house warming come. LOL!

Pondering over this: do you believe in - whats lost can be found?


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