Tuesday, May 20, 2008

nang it!

I woke up super late on Vesak day and i scrambled into the toilet! J sms-ed me if was outta house at 2pm (suppose to meet him at 2.30) but i only woke up then! Faster told him that i will be late and he had the permission to leave the house later.

Faster bath, get dressed, make up and BOOK A CAB!

Left the house at 2.30 and got to bugis at 3pm. It was a good thing J got to drive out.

I walked the wrong way and went to the ticket booth downstairs, but when i ask the lady, they said nuffnang was upstairs! o.O faster went up and collected the tickets. Felt so hungry, decided to QUEUE the very very LONG queue of food. And after about 2mins, i then realized it was "FREE SEATING". J insisted that we should get food first. So i just had to continue to wait.

When we went in, the cinema wasnt great cause it wasnt those elevator type. But it was indeed big. Sat down and saw Xiaxue and Mike. Haha, Mike is really good looking.

Anyway, caught Narnia, with special thanks to NUFFNANG.

This part has more humor injected, not those that will make you break out into huge laughter but those that will make you smile and laugh a second. There were a few touching parts but the fighting scenes wasn't as furious as what i thought. Haha, i was prolly looking for some LOTR fighting scene? =x There was one part of me being unhappy with the cinema seat. It "crank" and wasnt that comfortable to be in. We were considered in the middle of the cinema already, but the view wasn't all that fantastic.

Personally, i still prefer the first part. Anyway, i still enjoyed the movie and would recommend you guys to catch it when its out on the 29 MAY 2008 =)


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