Friday, May 23, 2008

what the hell is wrong with man

Been busy with school work and hanging out with the few. Soccer, project, volleyball and staying over. And sooooon, it'll be the common test. 

I'm pretty lucky this time round, one paper only! YES~ just one to study and score. *grins*

Gotta really thank yingxuan recently for sending me to and fro from trainings. I know its so troublesome for you to pump petrol, so really xie xie le! hehe.. we watch soccer that night and witness ManU's victory! For a very long time, we played real volleyball, as though we were playing the huayi alumni team. LOL. 

Was surfing the net and i came across this: Fritzl Case

Darn. This guy is insane and more than a beast. He's some fugging 73-year-old man with some psychotic problem. He imprisoned one of his daughter in an underground cellar which had no light, for 24 years! That poor girl never saw the outside world when computer turned from DOS to now - windows Vista. That poor girl never know what's PSP or maybe Nintendo. She probably wont even know the brand - APPLE.
Whatever the case it is, she was repeatedly raped and abuse for 24 years, like some sex toy. Wah lua, she is his daughter lehs!! 
And as you were thinking that is bad enough..... she gave birth to 7 children!! one of the twins died after birth, BUT SEVEN CHILDBIRTH WITHOUT PAINKILLERS. holy crap. Did the guy screw her till she was immune to pain or something?

Fritzl apparently had this underground cellar all planned out and i bet he had that evil plan up in his mind for a few years. He built it under his property which had toilet, bedroom and walkway. It was machiam like a mini house underneath the house he lived in. He imprisoned the daughter by tricking her into the cellar when she was 18 years old and he even expanded the cellar when she was living in it. 

Amazing enough, the main door was located behind a shelf in his basement workspace and EIGHT doors had to be unlocked before being able to reach to the daughter. -.- No wonder the daughter can be tripped down there for so long lar! She only had Tv and watch and Radio to listen to..... i bet she felt pathetic. Even if you let her out now, i think she also dont know what to do in life.

For 24 years, the wife thought the daughter had ran away from home but actually, she was just under her feet!! Thats so sad lar!

The verdict is still not out yet. But i wish he'll be sentence to a million death. Atrouciously, he plead that he isn't so much of a beast cause he bought toys, color pencils and flowers for them and even watched tv and had meals with them. Wah sai, he really treated it as a second home and a second family. Not too bad eh~ just under the first home. 

Want to read more of the news? Click here.

off to slack!


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