Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its Labour Day

I caught myself in bed the whole day, RESTING.

I had a long day yesterday. And it was a great thing that yingxuan, jasmine and benedick was over at my place accompanying me and we found ourselves playing mahjong. Jasmine was sick and i was falling sick with a sore throat. We had dinner at JP and went back to wait for my uncle to come over to pass me my macbook protectors and then we made our way down to yx place to watch soccer. Jasmine went home to rest, Ginmin came over and when i was at yx's place, my block nose came and ben fell sick as well. Ewww.. sorry. =/ pass the deadly virus to you.

Played with penny and watched the match between Chelsea vs Liverpool. I dozed off here and there because the beginning was tooooo boring. Liverpool wasn't putting up a good show, shots were duh~ only. And when the 90th minute was nearing, the great show begun! Haha, but still i was dozing off here and there. =X Chelsea won with 3-2. No one expected a 5 goals, i guess.

Caught the first bus in the morning at 6am. Got home and dozed off till 4pm. =/ Was suppose to go training at 5pm. But found it quite pointless cause my whole body was aching with a fever. whined over the phone with Jamester and teared while trying to fall back to sleep. It was so horrible.

I still cant find my photoshop CD to resize my photos. -.- this sucks.


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