Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hot like pancakes

I swear the weather this few days is so freaking hot that i become pretty much hot-tempered as well. cursing and swearing at every single thing that freaking me out.

I cant get to sleep at night. I wake up late with morning flu and its super sian. Plus i have those rashes on my hands and legs *rolls eyes*

I've got photos of Jamester's birthday and Friday's Chervon KTV, but ive yet to unload. BUSY as usual. Trying to plan rehearsals for my class and rushing my OIAP forms. I realize i've got to write a 500 word essay. DARN. another one. Sighs. Oh yes ~ i'm giving it a shot to go overseas. 

My macbook is finally here on monday. And now im struggling to have everything installed. i lost my Adobe Photoshop CS2 CD *ARGHS* and IMP-IRE's sales isn't turning over enough. 

Went for training today. The freshies just gets getting more and more. Not too sure if its a good or bad thing. But one relieve is that, there are more advance players now. =)

Did 3 hours digging. Hands aching from everything. Gin, Ben, Yx and I had a KAP talk from 9.30pm to 11.30pm -.- We only reach home at 12am lar! hahaha.. but really gotta thank Yx for sending us home and sending me to the bottom of my house.

FINALLY is wednesday. Its so great to have this wednesday coming. the gang coming over for mahjong, my laptop protector will be arriving plus someone coming over to collect the IMP-IRE clothes. 

Lastly, Thursday is LABOUR DAY!

Till then, ciaos!


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