Saturday, April 26, 2008

to my dearest


His my dearest in my heart. Somehow securing a place in it.
No matter how hard our day might end, the next day will always be bright and sunny.
No matter how loud our voices may go, my mind never leaves you.
No matter how stubborn i get, you will always give me your support.
No matter how late or tired you are, you will send me home and wait till i get into the slow moving lift.

Deep down in my heart, i know you always give in to me.
Deep down in my heart, i know you will always be there for me.
Deep down in my heart, i know i want to spend every of your birthday with you.

Do you know you are that special to me?

Cause you're Jamester, my monster, my dumbster.

P/S: Its written here cause theres nothing to hide. So text me now if you're reading!


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