Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ngee Ann Air

Its the first day of school and i walked in breathing in a lungful of NGEE ANN's fresh air! LOL. I'm pretty sure its ME, cause how can air smell like Ngee Ann? -.- But! The feeling is "BRAND NEW START" 

Iyah, i know i da-bai say new start end up still the same one larh. WAHAHAHA! 

Anyway, i saw my usual mates and we kinda just yakyakyak all the way during the first lecture. =X

Geok accompanied me down to town after school and she got me addicted to her PSP new game - DJ MIX! 

I brought my Mac to see the doctor today and it was a good thing that they said it doesn't have to be hospitalize nor do i have to go down to Ang Mo Kio to get the one-for-one-exchange mac. Thank goodness. They'll be contacting me soon to arrange a time and date to meet me. Poor me, have to transfer and re-install my stuffs.

Nah, stop whining. Its better than sending in for repair (leaving my crippled) or asking me to go down Ang Mo Kio (leaving me broke from cab fare).

While i was waiting in the queue of Apple Hospital, i saw a guy on our right playing PSP and i told geok to let me play DJ mix. Then the guy on my left whop out his PSP as well and started playing. After trashing one song on her PSP, i look up and realize that the 2 guys beside me are playing DJ mix as well!! WAHAHAHA! half pai-seh, cos i think i was quite lousy compared to them, i returned the PSP to geok. =X


Anyway, weeks and weeks of busyness, i really miss Jamester so much. And he have been real understanding. After so much things happening around me, he's still here standing by me. I got so busy till i forgot to return his call. Sorry hon. 
No matter what, at the end of the day, you'll be the last thing on my mind before i drift off to lala-land. =)

Good night everyone.


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