Friday, April 18, 2008

All set

It has come to the end of the first week of school. And I've identified teachers that i will hate and love for the rest of the semester. And in particular, some teachers that i will "wipe your butt" in order to get myself a slot in the coming BEIJING trip. I'm just sway or something, but whatever i'm studying in, i dont get a COMPULSORY trip. o.O its always selections or interviews. Darn, i'm fighting for it. 

This afternoon, i bought a bottle of 100plus and a bottle of limenade came along with it! LOL. The machine was faulty so it delivered me TWO bottles!

Life's really pathetic nowadays. I actually got a chance to see Jamester and his family tonight for dinner. But my brother came out with a lame idea to stay home (along with my sis and jiefu) to play monopoly! OMG. So FAMILYYYYY DAY. And a day ago, he just got dengue fever. -.- I wonder isit a family day or a day to accompany him. Sigh!

Yesterday was a day of training WITHOUT rain. Yes, we sweat hell lots and played 2 balls among 6 people simultaneously. It was quite fun lehs! There were quite alot of personal thoughts roaming around my brain yesterday. Gotta thank the gang for sharing my confusing thoughts. But still, i went home with loads more and i ended up complaining to Jamester about it.
Seriously, sometimes, people are just too stubborn. They lack the consideration. They practically just stereotype and they never ever learn their lesson. But, cant be blame cause they look up to the wrong examples in life. 

In my life, i've come to a conclusion "never ask someone to wait" ITS WAY TOO SELFISH. 
You only have one choice. Dont be greedy cause what happens at the end of the day is the tarnish of your reputation.

Peace out.


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