Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I bet some of you have noticed the NUMBER ONE logo at my "sites i love" section.
Pretty isn't it?

Might be wondering what i've been so busy with right?
Let me see...... I've been busy combining forces with a Laselle Bitch. LOL!
Yah, Dawn my boss.
And Ms.Madey HER BOSS too!


After many weeks of churning our brain, we finally came up with a decent name and logo, suitable for males and females.
A PAID ACCOUNT website for a template that isn't too girlie for guys and of course, busting our savings to buy all the in-stock clothes!

Something amazing about us is, when im having my holidays, she's busy drawing in school.
When she's having her holidays, im busy writing proposals in school. -.-

But still, its really amazing on how this website has start up from SCRATCH.


We're really trying to focus on the guy's part. But sending in orders till shipping and preparation eats up 2 weeks of our time already. which is why our male debut is being delayed.
I know many guys out there screaming that the clothes in town are expensive and you're looking for sprees. But why not like this, we ship it - you buy it. =)

Com'on. join our mailing list and feast your eyes on our special picks. It wont go wrong.
And if you know me, i will try to pass you with no postage charge. Better deal?

And if sales goes higher, higher, higher, HIGHER....... we MIGHT think of giving discounts. ;)

Do take your time and have a look yea?

Yea, there's still room for improvement. Like the spelling errors and the "too bright" of photos plus some angle problems. But we'll keep improving as long as you guys give us your support yea?

Cousin Irene is real funny, she's in her MIST OF EXAMS and she still had time to buy 2 clothes from SOME-OTHER-SHOP. So bad right? LOL. But partly my fault lah. I told my brother and da-yi about this business, but i forgot to share with her. =/
But still, she went to email all her friends (including my aunt, uncle and cousins), informing them the existence of IMPIRE! Thanks babe.
Hmmm.. now i wonder if she's really studying. Hahaha!



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