Monday, March 17, 2008

buzzing bee

Im like a bee buzzing around. So busy settling stuff that my organiser is filled up.

Oh yeah~ i met up with Jamester's sister. (She just came back from New-Z) And oh man, she is WAY SO DIFFERENT. i was expecting some "ang-mo" accented lady who hates speaking mandarin and bleaches her hair to look like a blondy or maybe, has ear holes like no one's business. But..... HAHAHA, nothing of the above! When i went over to his place for dinner, i heard her sister ranting on in mandarin and playing Wii. Hmmm.. i guess she miss speaking mandarin. But her mandarin still sounds great. =D

Anyway, photos stock up in my inventory and even though the results are out, ive yet to clear my notes under my desk. HOHO. I've got a list of emails to read. And my weekends were burnt out with activities. Hmmm.. im full of activities in life. I HATE BEING LONELY. BLAH!


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