Monday, March 24, 2008

angry sky & crashing waves

Sunday was work. It was a hell-loads of gossip and problematic customers. i swear they gave me a hard time.
The only thing that happen that made me laugh like a silly girl was when i found out my colleague was actually the owner of one of the blogshops that I've been visiting. So cool, save on postage fee. And a faster reply on enqueries.

Im still pondering on setting up a shop online with a mini plan in mind with Jamester. Money wise shouldn't be a problem for the time being. But im in need of a learning experience before i start venturing out. You know, some problems that might be face and how i go about saving the trouble to solve them. =)
Im going to share my little plan with him when we find a time to settle down and have some ice cream.

Back to today. I had a hard time. I swear i feel like im going to fall ill again. I was dead tired at work and slept for 2hours till my hands and legs turned cramp. I woke up and couldnt walk still. i had a splitting headache.
On the way home, i was raining damn heavy and my bus stop was opposite my house. I had to take another bus that goes a round-about and alight on the other side so as to - not cross the road and get wet.

Because of the angry sky, i couldnt meet up with my friends for basketball session =(
And i was so hungry that i only had the choice of noodles at home to eat.
After eating, i still had on and off gastric pain.

Poor Jamester was still at work, feeling sick and hungry.
Me, being a very nice girlfriend went to da-bao for him and cabbed down to his office (very near only)
Stayed there and watch him work while surfing net.

My feeling now is like - #%^#%@#$@#$
because, im tired but i cant sleep.
im feeling warm but my legs are cold.
i feel like doing my art stuff but im lazy.
my gastric is hurting but i feel too full to eat.
i know im lacking of water but im STILL too full to drink.
i feel like reading but i know i will have a headache.



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