Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rolls Eyes

What the heck is wrong with him?

He makes me roll my eyes inside out because:
His half naked body is definitely not appealing - Please wear a shirt.
The way he speaks makes me "Errrrr." - English and Chinese 一样不好听
The way he tries to act pathetic and the lasssssst part - wah sai! GU NIANG.

P/S: The comments section was like - 2290 Comments. Not of comments supporting him. But mostly asking him to shut up and stop throwing the faces of Singaporeans. *nods*

It makes me wonder what he does for a living? o.O

Then i decided to go to his website. OMG. that made me almost -dig my eyes out-
His personal website has the worst templete i have ever seen. Comparing to like other famous singaporean bloggers, his makes me "Errrrr." again.

But he had this very interesting tagboard that updates live. "Live" Webcam chat. And there was this guy called "Edison Chen" who claims to be the REAL REAL Edison Chen. Even saying that he is now in LA (yah, its true Edison is in US) o.O But after that, someone posted - 点那个EDISON的名字打开的连接是..中国共产党.

I almost wanted to tag "LOL."


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