Tuesday, February 19, 2008

her new name

Oh yea! Do you know Felicia Chen Fenglin has changed her name?

Yeah....... to chen jing(^4) xuan 陈靓(same sound as静)瑄.

陈靓瑄 actually sounds not bad. But i guess it will really take some time for people to be able to 改口 and call her new name. Apparently, its something to do with that type of "fengshui" thingy. Notice almost all celebrities have had their names changed before? Be it the whole name or just a word, or maybe the way its written..... o.O

Lets see, im all clear for IEF. i doubt will fail this module, UNLESS something went REALLY wrong in today's paper. if not, clenching a D or even a C would be fulfilled!

I had my night burying in piles of papers (notes and newspapers) and gobbled up oranges. I skipped my bedtime and went into the exams hall. Now, im having a splitting headache with an empty stomach. Booooooo. Wheres my lunch?


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