Saturday, December 22, 2007



Let me see. i woke up on the wednesday morning and got a lonely sms from Ginmin.
After much discussion between yingxuan and the rest, they've decided to come over my place for mahjong.. LOL. its weird having the same group of people last night, squeezing into my brother's room to play mahjong.

Rushed out at 6+ and met rainiee, dongmei and qinyi. Enjoyed myself with them and further details @ LJ when i get hold of the photos. =D

Thurs spent my day at home resting and arranging my room. Boyf came to my rescue at night and cooked me fried rice! hehe.. at least i didnt have to open can-food anymore. =) Loves him.

Friday out with D.A.M.N. Went thomson plaza sushi tei and met ALOT of colleagues. Gees. Miss them. Then headed down to town and did the usual stuff, SHOPPING!
Dinner at Breeks was nice. I LIKE.
Went to Cold Storage and bought 2 tubs of BEN&JERRY icecream and 20dollars worth of tibits back to my place. Hehe.. ladies night, wild wild wild. No larh, is natalie and dawn turning insane. =/
we finished everything except 1tub of BEN&JERRY icecream. MADNESS. thank goodness, i controlled my appetite.
Mahjong till 5am becuase we were teaching angela how to play. -.-

Sat morning rushed out to meet boyf, ivan and gf, san san.
Sentosa tanning for about 2 hours.
Off we went to VIVO to walk walk.
Tired and aching, we all left for home at 5pm.

Something struck me when i reached JE. I walked into NTUC and bought 20dollars worth of groceries. That includes my all time favourite - french beans, baby potato, fruit juice ETC! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And i cabbed home.

P.S. i hate taxi charges now. 35% ON PEAK PERIOD. daylight robbery lar!


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