Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Conflicts after conflicts, when will it be the last time. Every year, everytime, over the same thing..... yes, i see conflicts flying in the air. Hopefully, it'll be the last. lets just be honest with things, ok?

A day that i missed my project discussion meeting cause i overslept. Went to lecture and realise that the teacher is bias. she gave more insight tips to her own class, now i start to regret to not being in her class. but ive got a lucky charm this time, who is nigel. he'll help me get pass the storm.

training as usual. its been a long time since ive been down on tuesday. there are many reasons to it, but partly because my wednesday classes are quite heavy for me to handle. Good thing was, boyfriend came down to send me home. had to have him accompany me for dinner. thnks baby..

A team is formed from my usual mates. 10 person with positive winning opportunities. discussed many things today during training. my performance at the beginning was atrocious. i seriously didnt know what i was doing or thinking. -.- the later games were better when my legs finally want to move. This time round, we'll do better.

i feel safe with you around.. and i feel even better when i hear that you're safely home..


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