Friday, November 9, 2007

Lee meal

K-session with Jacqueline, sichyi and yingxuan.
It was more than a year ago that we last went to K together. And today was the reunion.
We got a very SPACIOUS room. and i really mean SPACIOUS cause we had 4 tables available, yet we only use one and the 4 of us hid at one corner of the room. the screen was the projector type and we could given dance in the room!
Of course, we didnt miss out the photo sessions.
And common topic of the day was Business course and the volleyball world.

Mrt-ed down to bishan before boyfriend picked me up there. Went over to the Lee's house and had a simple dinner. Im serious, the meal was nice! cause i love homecook food. hohoho.. i even had a taste of their Lee's secret recipe. Haha..

Headed to the room and watched The Game Plan. lol.. really nice show. interesting story line with a nice twist at the end. Love it!
Oh yah... part of the "Love it!" was not only because of the show but also because boyfriend treated me like his queen and eventually falling asleep on my shoulder. =)

Tomorrow is another day of "public holiday" for me.. haha. its E-learning for my tomorrow's module. Cheerios!

After what siang told me about his working exp today, im so determined to screw that new guy if he tries to act angmo with me, tries to call me meinu ete, create trouble and lastly touch me........... hohoho.. im proud to present my side of my show and let him learn a lesson. Ohhh.. im a mean senior who screws trainee to get a drive at work. LOL. NAH! IM NOT A MEANER LAR.. IM NICE OK?! wahahaha... (he soooo deserve my lesson)

Im going to have my Lala-King take me away to my Lala-land le.. Nights everyone!


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