Thursday, November 8, 2007

NYDC cheesecake

What a long day at school. Had a short shutter run to make it on time for my marketing tutorial. Oh gosh, she is one fierce teacher that ive got to make a good impression on in order to survive my 3rd yr =/

Anyway, spent my day yaking on with my last sem's classmate. And i really miss studying with them.. sighs.

Met up with academic leader and some marketing teachers to talk about the year3 options. Seling suggested that we should just have this option of "er shi si da" like buying 4D numbers. LOL.

As usual boyfriend sent me to work and now the whole outlet knows about my "xi shi". LOL. Boyfriend came down after work and satisfied my cravings for CHEESECAKE!! yeahs! N.Y.D.C goldmine as usual lo.

Mum seems interested in boyfriend. ;)


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