Monday, November 26, 2007

Dempsey with YingXuan

Saturday Night at Dempsey Hill, Ben & Jerry.
Involving Yingxuan, Song Cherng and not forgetting my Bf. =)

I was so hungry that i told bf to bring me for dinner first before heading off for ice cream. So we went down to BoonLay Market. Met Yingxuan there and it is sooooo cute to see her driving that "pick-up". she is like a little girl in a vehicle that is too big for her. LOL. i couldnt help laughing many times when i see her driving. but i really show respect that she can handle that vehicle. if im her, i would freak out! =/

After that, we headed off to Dempsey Hill. Bf was driving at a REAL SLOWSAFE SPEED on the highway. lol. but thats cause we were afriad Yingxuan couldnt catch up.. Bf said she really drive "law by law". but to think about it, its her first night out driving, of course lar!

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Merlionster! it has 6 scoops but it looked soooo small! I think i prefer banana split.
Promised bf to bring him to Island Creamery next time.

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See this girl, grinning away too! LOL.

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Bf was suppose to feed me when he shifted the spoon away when the camera shot!

Oh! Bf bought me donuts from Missy Donuts when he was out with his friend! Hehe.. i was really grinning away when i saw those roundy doughs that he brought over!

Xu Jie Er - I Wanna Be With You

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Its for you honey, after so much that you have sang to me. iLu.


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