Monday, November 26, 2007

bad stomach

days after days of spicy stuff and finally my stomach cannot take it.
Lao Sai 3 times today (-.-)zzZ

starting from this week, it will be more relax. Elearning for some modules have started. i completed my job and im free till the end of exams. i finally can set my mind on my books and polympics is commencing tomorrow!
Finished another book from "A little black dress" collection. And i finally found a way to buy the book Rant online. i cant wait to get it from Amazon, though the cover isnt what i wanted, but still i guess the content will be juicy! i also realise i havent bought the book "i believe you" and "you are here".. LOL! so many books that i want to read!

bad news is: my IEF project content was deemed as nowhere here and there. *roar* the teacher flipped through and didnt catch any point that attracted her attention. this means REDO. next bad news, ive got FIVE.FIVE.FIVE.FIVE.FIVE COMMON TEST PAPERS to study for.
WTH! FIVE LEHS! isnt it suppose to be FOUR? o.O Got to really thank Nigel for the ief tips from his notes. Rainiee's PMKT model answers. SHUGEOK's AAA model answers.

School Sucks.

Im off.

Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.


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