Sunday, November 4, 2007

bugging me

flu bug is bugging me~~~
sob sob.

Im hell dead busy.. Lots of reading to be done and homeworks to rush. Zzz.
Freaking sickening to accept the fact that my group choose the hardest economics question for the project. Russia - CLOSE ECONOMIC. Zzz. LONG HISTORY somemore. ZzzzZzzz.

was real great that dumb dumb waited for me in school on friday. then accompanied me the whole night aiding my flu virus. Watched "secrets" and i became an emotional wreck cause i cried like a baby. dumb dumb saw his sunshine rain....... haha.. but it was really a nice show. He only left when mom and bro was back home. knocked out after that.

Anyway, im still alive. KICKING ALIVE. Bestie's photos are not up yet. Im going shopping later (tml).. and im rushing my economics framework.

*sucking her thumb*


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