Monday, November 5, 2007


MADNESS! i spend 160 bucks on my shopping today.. that includes jeans, shirt and makeup.
HAHA! i could have gone much more but with the help of boyfriend, i did not throw more money outta my pocket.

Watched my first M-18 movie, UNREST!
Not bad... not very scary, just digusting images. Not much of a drag and everything pretty much links together. The last part makes me think that there will be part 2 to it. haha.. not sure~
"Welcome to Gross Anatomy"

packed dinner and went over to boyfriend's place to have it.
he drove me home and the rain was so heavy!
had me worrying when he's going to drive home alone. Oh gosh... how i wish he could just stay over my place till the rain stop. =(

Anyway, i will blog soon enough~ AGAIN.


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