Wednesday, October 31, 2007

blessed with a guy

blessed with the sunshine, my blues seemed to shoo away once i talked to him.
ive got to say the troubled thoughts that haunted me the whole day made me lose appetite in everything. but his words came to my senses that its time to move on.. with my stubborn character, i wonder when i would get over this "sadness". Sigh.

i would be quitting my current job to seek a higher pay one, hopefully not draining away so much of my time. i will really seriously miss everyone in sushi tei. Especially, biao jie and yongsiang they all. Afterall, working there for a yr half really made me learn alot about independence. and plus all the crapping session and exciting lunch meals. =(

i do feel bad most of the time that its boyfriend accompanying me and not ME accompanying HIM. him being very understanding, doesnt grumble a single word towards me. he stays awake to wait up for me yet dozing off 5mins before i could call him. haha.. silly boy.

skipped training today cause i had too much work to be done and project framework is going to be dued.
yea know, DEADLINE means death if you dont submit before the given time. *shrugs*

boyfriend waited an hour plus for me in school before going down to JE library to look up on reference books. He is great. he searched every shelf to find every single possible book with the content of RUSSIA's ECONOMY. its seriously a tedious job for me to read up. Zzz. But he gave me all the energy. =)

Once i got home, i dropped on my bed, face flat, and went to sleep for 2hours before waking up now. LOL. thats how tired i am.



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