Sunday, October 28, 2007


My legs are aching like mad. And trying to keep myself awake was a torture. Somehow, everyone thinks im dying for money or something. Im always working 10am!! wahaha.. okay lar, its a "nobody want" shift. And today i claimed the shift of 10am-1030pm. That explains the aches.

From 10am to 2pm, the dishwashing machine was spoilt. The dishwasher just walked around and slack. He really had nothing to do except to wait for the machine to be fixed. the washing area was messed up by the technicians too. LOL.

Record breaking of 11 containers.... PLUS......

4 by the side....... and maybe 2 at the lift area. LOL.

But when the machine was done, the dishwasher cleared everything in an incredible speed of 2hours! GOODNESSS! it was insane cause we had to faster top up all the plates!

By the way, photos taken by yongsiang. Guess he had fun talking to the dishwasher at the back~ =)


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