Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rude Kid

im going to announce this, IM A RUDE KID TODAY.

not exactly proud of being one. but i really almost screw the teacher when she spoke brainlessly. -.-

ME walking in late to PMKT tutorial for 20mins.
SHE asking me "why are you late?"
ME trying to be very honest said "cause i overslept."
SHE trying to piss me off said "it is not a good reason for being late."
ME cursing 9.20am in the morning said "but it is really the real reason mahs!"
ME almost added "then you want me to lie is it? okay lorh, i had something important on."
DUMB DUMB said i should have replied "you dont believe then so be it."
yah, true.

But good thing was that, her class wasnt boring afterall. i guess i will score. PLUS she release us 30mins early!
i will try not to be late for her class le. AND NOT be rude. =]

I spent my 1hour break sleeping in the library while rainiee did her bookreading and Geok hogging on to her PSP.
Then my 1hr of AAA was sleeping too. I really felt so tired.

It was a good thing dumbdumb made me awake by sending me to work and having a meal together.

Cheerios to dumb dumb, he is great. Not a lonely friday anymore.

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had cold rock with dumb dumb last week.
the gum gum and mashmellows were like ROCKS.
but not too bad lar.

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Rainiee had this stupid program. and we kept playing with it.
Dont work under her next time okay, you will have a torturous time!

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while i work for the terrorist! WAHAHAHAHA!

maybe one day i will kill myself due to the tutors in school.


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