Thursday, September 6, 2007


i'm tagged to do this by Irene.

The person who tagged you : Irene

Your relationship with her : Good friend. Or should i say, cyber good friend? wahaha.. cause i havent seen her before!

Your 5 impression of her :
1. Blog freak!
2. Cheerful
3. Loving
4. Happy go lucky
5. Smart girl

The most memorable thing she has done for you :
Ehhhhhhh........... be my blog reader? hehe.

The most memorable words she said to you :
Wah sai..... challenging. I DUNNO! Errr... IRENE! talk to me more! lol.

If she becomes your lover, you will?
I will consider being lesbian since im single now.

If she is your lover, what improvement/s would you like to see her changing :
She's almost perfect! Except the fact that i havent seen her. Sighs.

If she becomes your enemy, you will?
NO..... i will just cry my ass off.

The reason why she becomes my enemy?
it would most probably be misunderstandings.

The most desire thing you would like to do for her :
Hmmm.. be her sole listener forever.

Your overall impression of her :
Happy go lucky! always smiling! Always spending her time with her belovered friends. Taking notice of me! Thanks for always comforting me when im down.

List out your top 5 birthday presents you wish for :
(Actually my birthday just past, and i got almost everything i wish for! My friends really love me so much)

2. A good guy thats MY TYPE! (Pengyou&Bestie:you all shld have just got me a guy. LOL.)
3. My monthly grooming sessions!
4. To have all my friends loving me.
5. Monthly outing with volleyball gang and D.A.M.N.

How do you think people around you feel about you :
some thinks i'm crazy, insane, wild, night owl.
some thinks i'm silly, stupid, easy to be bullied.
some thinks i'm fierce and too much of a confidence (but im not!)
some thinks i'm comfortable to talk with, pretty much straight forward..

The character you love about yourself :
crazy and wild! non-stop yanking when i love my friends so much!

On the contrary, what do you hate about yourself :
Laziness, procrastinator and lousy in planning my time and money.

The most ideal person you would like to be with :
Wahhhhhh... Secret. I have an "ideal" person, so i will look towards that goal to find another one, similiar to it.

What do you want to say to your loved ones :
Thanks for always being there for me and not making my days so lonely and dull. Thanks for the countless text and phone calls that cheers my day up. When i need a hand, you guys are there for me. When i need a shoulder to cry on, you guys will rush over. When im sick, your endless concerns on my phone, reminds me that i must fight the bug! And when im happy, you all are around to share the joy and laughter with me.

Pass this quiz to 9 friends whom you wish to know how they feel about you :
1. Dawn
2. Natalie
3. Yingxuan
4. Song Cherng (i know you 2 share the same blog, but i want 2 different post! lol.)
5. Haopengyou
6. Benedick
7. Anson
8. Rainiee
9. Alicia (NPVBALL)

#8 is having a relationship with : Me? =X

#9 female / male : Female

How about #3 and #4 : 3-Female 4-Male

What's #2 studying about : Republic Poly (forgot what course)

When was the last time you chatted with #3 : This afternoon.

What kind of music does #8 like : English & chinese songs. But preferably english!

Does #6 has any other siblings : Younger sister.

Will you woo #3 : Definitely, she is already my sweetie pie.

How about #7 : Eh... no lehs. She is madly in love with her boy. lol.

Is #4 single : No lehs...

Surname of #5 : Wahhh.. i dunno sia. sry... =/

Nickname of #1 : EGG!

What's the hobby for #5 : indulging in cakes and shopping on sprees!

Do #5 and #9 get along well : they don't know each other.

Where is #3 studying at : NP, banking and finance.

Have you tried developing feelings for #1 : YEAH! and thats how we got tgt as sistas!

Where does #9 live : No idea. =x

What colour does #4 dislike : Hmmm.. hot pink?

Is #1 and #3 best friends : Not best friends but Quite well to do friends. =)

Does #7 likes #2 : I think so. hahaha.. They are my sisters, i think she will like #2.

How do you know #2 : Same secondary school.

Does #5 owns a pet : use to. But the rabbit pass away.

So here i am, finished with the long quiz. And im discussing about some D&D stuff which will be held next monday! *screams* i need DAWN!!!!


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