Thursday, September 27, 2007

new song

New blog song - 你把我灌醉

its been a long time since i last post up a chinese song. haha.. but i first came across this song when yongsiang was singing during d&d night. Its a really nice song. And now ive got it in my itunes!

from mon to wed i started work at 10am. i guess i can even close my eyes and do opening in the restaruant. lol. finally it is a day off. Some cheif even thought im a full timer now. -.- on tues night, i didnt have a wink of sleep cause i was rushing dawn's brithday card. Next day after work, i went down to her place and i saw her mum and bro! hohoho... was pretty afriad no one would be home and her nasty neighbour will steal the card & present left at her door. Plus, i think she cancelled her house phone. arghs!

I slept a record breaking of 7pm to 1030am this morning. thats more than 12hours. And i of course, i miss my IS enrolment time by 30mins. Left behind a whole shit of lousy class. Zzz.

Jap food for tonight. =D


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