Thursday, August 30, 2007


The rain is horrible. It feels like its going to be sinking Singapore soon.
Training is at 6pm. And now its still raining heavily, but with a ray of sun. Sighers.
Im feeling reluctant. sob.

Went to a mini Tb30 chalet but to find myself down with terrible flu cause too heaty.
I had difficulty breathing and my nose was all blocked out.
Without 7-11 around to get medicine and with limited tissue and water, i had to bare with it.
Poor Rainiee vomitted too. Iyohs, so many people were sick. =(
And i dunno wad SAI i eat lar! End up my both eyes had rashes. Now its better. Not so swollen and my eyes can be seen. Sian!

Im not tired.
Im just feeling lazy.
Rain sucks.


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