Saturday, August 4, 2007

Last race for ECD

I slept till very late on Thurs. Woke up just to go for volleyball training.. haha.. super late night burnings.
Anyway, warm up run about half of the campus. Then i just sat there with sweetie pie talking (gossiping) haha.. we skipped all the spikings and servicing. Just went into games immedietly. Beginning matches were all OUT-BALL. then everyone was on-form le. =D
i felt pretty good too.

for the first time, all of us went clementi coffeeshop to eat, in order to satisfy sweetie pie's cravings for Ban-mian -.- Then Song went to buy rojak. The stall was SUPER slow, till song fell asleep while standing!! wahaha.. we were all giggling.
Had a long long chat with Sweetie Pie and it feels great. =)

Reached home had my last preparation for ECD presentation which was today (friday)
I only slept for 2hours. And the sleep didnt even feel like i slept. it felt like i CLOSE AND OPEN my eyes ONLY. -.-
So i had my LAST RACE for ECD. i didnt stutter or got lost, just that i felt i didnt say enough content.
Went for Blaw lect and then had a "mysterious date".

MUAHAHAHAHA.. rainiee knows about it, so do dong mei. LOL. it wasnt as bad as i thought. he caught me at a good mood day. I had a day full of laughters even though i was very very tired. Chirpy madey.

Went to town to meet rainiee after that. I FULL-FILLED TWO WISH!
im so so so happy. And of course, i spent money lar.
Went to work after that. Runner for the day, hands didnt break, legs breaking!
Still im online even though work is 10am tml!!
*screams* Gonna meet bud tml!


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